Copy User Personalizations for NAV RTC 2009

When users personalize their Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 RTC experience, they’re not just making their work easier. They’re giving system administrators a treasure trove of productivity tweaks that could be of great benefit to other users in the same functional role.

The challenge is, unless those users report those customizations or the admins of the team take a proactive approach to interrogating their users about changes, that valuable efficiency is never capitalized on.

With this customization, you can easily copy those customizations from one user to another, or from a user to a profile. This could be particularly helpful during implementations or upgrades, where key users may make extensive improvements during training. Those customizations, once at that Profile Level, can be exported and loaded into a production environment.

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Jeremy Vyska Jeremy is a technology enthusiast and often plays the part of “wise old man” to his friends and peers.