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In an ideal world, you’ve helped your customer build Role Centers specific to each of the organization’s roles. But, when you need to help someone with their role, sometimes getting to it from your own role can be tricky.

Thankfully, Microsoft gave us a way in the Shortcut to the RTC that allows us to override our default Role Center with a specific one. NAV Consultants often have folders that look like this lying about for easy use:

If your organization also makes use of the Profile Customization level, you might have twice that number of shortcuts. Obviously, making all of these can be fairly time consuming.

To streamline this process, we created a NAV Classic Form that will generate shortcuts for any or all Profiles. (Note: There are also options that let people choose their role during the RTC opening process with some customization.)

Make sure the Locations are set up top (they default to common locations in Windows 7 64 bit environments, you may need to adjust them), select which Profiles (Roles) you’d like shortcuts for, and click Generate. You can also set the shortcuts to be created in Configure mode if needed. The resulting shortcuts tend to be fairly portable, as long as they’re moving between similar environments. This tool also handles custom profiles as easily as built-in ones.

This allows you to give IT staff, department heads, or anyone the ability to access the specific roles that are needed via easy to use (and easy to create) shortcuts.

Download it here: RTC Shortcut Maker Object

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