Viewing Report Data

One of the great features about RTC Reporting is that, if you want to slice and dice the numbers, you can easily Save As Excel. But, you can go even further beyond that if you want!

We’ve talked before about the data structure behind reports from a technical point of view, but let’s look at the possible use.

Take this Customer and Item Statistics report:

Per Customer, it’s pretty solid information. If we send it to Excel, it’s still pretty nice:

But, it’s very formatted, which can be tricky to work with if doing calculations or filtering.

Run a report in the RTC. Under the Help button, select About This Report, like so:

You will get a message:

Do as it instructs. When you head to About This Report again, you’ll see something akin to:

That’s a giant List of all the data the report is using to produce the results. You’ll see all sorts of things in there you may not realize would be, such as Captions, Formats, Header info.

Most importantly, under the Actions menu, you can Send To -> Excel all the raw data. When you do that, Excel will instead look like:

There will be many columns you don’t need, but this way, you can build some great PivotTables to analyze the data as you need, like so:

Using some of the great PivotTable and Conditional Formatting allows me to quickly analyze what Customer/Item combinations are underperforming. I can see at a glance that we need to review Customer 30000, as it’s dragging us below our target margin.

Save As Excel brings some great power to the table (pun no intended), but being able to build off the raw data can bring your existing analysis tools to the next level.

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