Fog of Uncertainty

In the past couple weeks since I lasted posted an update, I’ve spent much of that time being sick.  Blah for summer colds that just drag on and on.

One of the other big challenges was that someone very close to me tried to commit suicide, which was pretty hard to mentally parse.  There’s nothing like feeling helpless for someone you care about to really batter your ability to deal.  Said person is currently getting treatment, and I hope to heck it helps.  I still don’t know how to help there, so hopefully the professionals now involved will give useful guidance and therapy.

The Windows 8 experiment is over for now – last weekend, I unexpectedly encountered the Windows 8 frowny of doom after a Windows Update nuked the machine.  If you haven’t seen it, meet the Windows 8 blue screen of death:

Sarcastic woot for having to rebuild an OS on the quick while sick.  Windows 7 will do for now – I miss some of the efficiencies of 8, but it’s nice to have the Start Menu back.


In Living Situation News… there’s no news.  Nothing has come of the hunt so far.  We’ve seen some places, applied for a few, and even been rejected by one.  I’ll post a separate rant about that rejection, since it ties into a larger issue.

In business news… there’s not much news there either yet.  I’ll be blogging about more NAV topics for the awesome Liberty Grove folks, which I’ll likely rehost here as well.  Beyond that, work work.  (Dabu?)

Random things:

  • True Blood has returned, and we’re making the effort to watch, mostly to continue to enjoy Meredith’s wonderful recaps.  Yay for Eric seeming to be back to his usual self for the most part – puppy Eric was terrible.
  • Started watching The Walking Dead with Chrissy, oddly enough.  I may end up posting posts related to having watched each episode if there’s useful conversation spawned by the less-than-useful people in it.  Episode One was clearly just setting the stage, so not a lot of “Oh come on!” to that yet.
  • Switched over my to a new account to make it public, as I used a pseudonym previously.  Sadly, this means about 3-4 years of music history are not coming with it.
  • Going to try to actively maintain my goodreads info.

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