Hazy Plans Coming Together

Upon reaching the end of June with no clear plan for living north of Boston, we activated a Plan B option a friend had set us up with.  We’re going to move way the hell to the other end of the red line (southern edge of the city, for non-natives) into an apartment directly next to our friends down there.  As in, the next door in the same hallway.  That’ll be interesting for the various kiddos.  Additionally, this means a pretty lengthy commute to and from our son’s school.  We’ll see what that ends up being like.

Where it gets crazy?  We have movers scheduled to pack us on July 26th.  Our move in date for the new place is September 6th.  That’s a six week stretch of ‘Uhhh’ for anyone who doesn’t have a calendar handy.  This means we’re going to have to load up everything into storage and essentially couch-surf as a family for a month and a half.  Wee!  Anything that can’t be stored for 6 weeks has to travel with us, so we’re doing some pretty insane kitchen hoop-jumping to handle this.

It’s also what we expected – a two bedroom place, from our current four.  We’re going to have to do some massive weeding out of all our possessions, with the plan to long-term store an array of furniture that won’t be coming with us.

It’s all a strange and semi-stressful situation, so that’s fun.

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