The title’s a bit of a pun.  I setup a separate blog back in 2011 about looking at relocating to Sweden.  This was some of the first content:

A common cry under any unfavorable government triggers some hubbub about people considering to relocate to another country. This isn’t so much that. As a family, we continue to watch the general population around us with some dismay, and we consider what it would take to have a better life, either where we are or somewhere else in the world.

This blog (and related FB page) is about considering US vs Sweden on a number of different levels, trying to make it an actual thought through plan, rather than an empty threat. Since it’s been an interesting bit of learning so far privately, and friends have been interested to learn about it as well, I setup this to share knowledge. At the very least, it is giving a different frame of reference for possible changes within our current homeland, sparking interesting discussion about the role of government vs other entities.

I updated the page very sporadically, and to my astonishment, my little blog ended up being extremely high in the search results for all manner of phrases about “expat” and “sweden”.  I’ve occasionally received questions about it.

I hadn’t updated it in quite some time because it’s a very slow, careful project.  We’ve been reading a great deal of books on Sweden, researching the history and current events, as well as slowly connecting with a few Swedish folks to get real time perspectives.  But, the big gotcha is that, no matter what, we’re not really getting a perspective by not going.  It’s been a struggle to just make it through the past couple of years thanks to a number of challenges.  We’re getting closer to finally making it something we can do more of.  As a result, I’m contacting firms that may be able to make use of my skillset, since the only solid way to get relocated is through work visas.

I’ll be posting more updates once that trip concludes, but in the interim, I’ve been having some fascinating conversations with fellow Americans about both the process and the myths.  I’ll create some posts about that here, on this main blog site instead, since it’s much closer to coming about than it ever has been – becoming a central project in my world. (Hence the Migration being a pun, I’ve migrated the content from the old site here.)


To get to the former blog content, it’s all up in this category: Sweden Posts

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