In March (2021), at DynamicsCon, I heard a lot of people looking for more content to help onboard into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, both from a user perspective and from cross-training from other Dynamics/ERP systems.

Given that, I broke out Word and my emergency dedication reserves towards a mission: A step-by-step guide to understanding how to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and to get a minimum implementation done, start to finish — in 30 days.

This ended up being a labor of love, pouring a lot of time and care into making sure it’s easy to understand and follow, but trying to keep the focus narrow enough to be something anyone can complete in a reasonable period of time. Defining and refining a good consistent style took time, but over half the content of the book was produced in the final week. Madness! 😁

Even still, it ended up being a 300 page PDF!

You can buy the whole thing here, but I know it’s hard to know if a book is worth buying without being able to flip through it. As such, I extracted Chapter 1, the chapter that will apply to everyone who might use Business Central, and made it available as a free download here.

I hope this helps a lot of folks out in the coming year. If you have a great success story using this as part of getting Started with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, please let me know!

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